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Book Spotlight: Mere Mortals

As always I (Akira B. - Head of WS Press) want to thank you for supporting Wild Star Press! I can't wait for you to see everything in store!


Mere Mortals

Creator: Axel Moon

Genre: YA | Fantasy

When a supernatural disaster forces them out of their home, a human girl has to team up with a group of bounty hunters to break her adoptive grandpa out of a terrible nursing home for old monsters..

Debuts: September!

Digital Copies will be available Sept 2nd and Pre-Orders for the Physical Copies will open on the 3rd!


Who Are They?

Time to meet Axel Moon!

Hey Axel! Tell us about yourself!

A: I’m basically a forest hermit that unfortunately can’t afford a run down shack in the woods, so I make do by just spending all my time inside drawing. Do not perceive me, do not acknowledge me.

What’s your favorite thing about being an artist/comic creator?

A: You know that feeling you get when you think “I really wish someone would make a story about X”, you can just do that yourself. And then sometimes you find the other weirdos who are into the very same things you are.

What’s your inspirations? What got you into/How did you get into comics and art as a career path?

A: All sorts of horror and fantasy comics, manga, games and shows. I really like the worldbuilding part of writing so I love looking through concept art books too. Picking comics as a way to tell stories was really more a practical choice- I hate being on a computer all the time and didn’t want to learn how to code a game or animate. Besides, I like the physical feel of pencil and ink, and being able to hold a finished page when done.

Do you have a certain genre/trope/story you like to tell? (Are you really into found family stories, cyberpunk, slice of life, etc etc)

A: I definitely prefer fantasy, especially things set in elaborate new worlds with cool creature designs. I like having a reason to do a lot of worldbuilding, for better or worse.

Can you tell us about your inspiration for Mere Mortals? I see it started as a webcomic, what pushed you to get it into print?

A: I don’t really think this had a typical inspiration so much as it was a decision to make something completely different then anything I’d done before. I was coming off a failed webcomic project that was much darker and way too complex a story for my own writing abilities, and absolutely sick of it. When I started up Mere Mortals I decided to do almost the opposite of my previous work and to just be self-indulgent. So I thought of a smaller, lighter story that would give me an excuse to draw as many monsters as possible.

Getting something in print has always been an end-goal. For the same reason I like drawing a page traditionally, I want to have a physical copy of my book. Things don’t really feel real for me until I can hold a book that I made in my hands.

Do you have any future projects you're excited about?

A: Nothing concrete right now, but I’ve got ideas on how to remake an old story I gave up on, and lots of ideas to continue Mere Mortals!

Where can we find you and your work?

A: You can find my stuff on twitter, @beltaguise or @beltart on tumblr.

Thank you for the interview!


With all that being said, thank you so much for reading, supporting, and watching WildStar Press grow.

- Akira B.


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