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The Curse of Clan Blackwood

For as long as anyone could remember, darkness followed the Blackwood name...



Harland Blackwood, the last aristocrat in the Blackwood family, is forced to confront his family’s curse. The curse is a hidden dark monstrosity that follows their family and strikes down anyone who crosses them.

Harland falls in love with a young man who is whisked away by this cursed monster to the family castle. He then is forced to face the horrors of his family’s legacy, as well as the summoned monster, as he saves his love from the clutches of a cosmic horror.

The Curse of Clan Blackwood is a thrilling horror, historical fiction that explores the weight of generational legacies and the consequences of them. Tonally, it takes inspirations from Amnesia: The Dark Descent and H.P. Lovecraft (minus the racism).

50+ page Original Graphic Novel, Postcard, 2 Stickers!


River Kero (@huckleberry.comics) is a queer Canadian artist born and currently living in Vancouver, British Columbia. His practice consists mostly of graphic novel illustration, scriptwriting, prose, and traditional drawing with pen and ink.

As an artist who grew up in rural British Columbia (in an Indigenous town called Bella Bella) for a majority of his childhood, River had early exposure to issues such as oppression, cultural diversity, identity, and the politics revolving around them. He knew that he wanted to make comics as a career since he started drawing them in middle school, and his desire to tell stories and use art to do it became only stronger as he graduated from high school. As of April 2020, he has graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Currently, River creates comics online and works as a freelance artist.

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