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Songs of the Sea
{A Pirate Anthology} 

Crowdfunding: End!

There comes a time in a pirate’s life when the sea calls out to them and they have to make a choice. Will they find treasures beyond their imagination? Dangers they’ve never faced? Love in unexpected places? The adventure ahead is what truly makes a pirate.


Songs of the Sea is an original comics anthology about pirates and what calls them to the throes of piracy.

Songs of the Sea will be a black-and-white comic anthology about what kickstarts a pirate’s adventure or simply what keeps them out at sea. For those with a love of piracy and adventure, of fantasy and mystery, Songs of the Sea is the right book for you!

Who Can Participate: 


You may pitch as a SOLO CREATOR (making the whole comic by yourself), as a WRITER ONLY (comic writer with an artist you’ve partnered with), or as an ARTIST ONLY (a comics artist with a writer you’ve partnered with). Partners will not be assigned.


Age Restrictions:


All participants must be 18 years or older. All content must be suitable for children as young as 16 years old. 


Submission Details: 


Submissions Closed!



  • Comics either 2 - 8 pages long (even numbers)

  •  6.625” x 10.25” or 6’’ x 9’’  

  • B&W or Grayscale 

  • 350 DPI / TIFF files 



  • Comics 

  • Previously unpublished stories.

  • Obviously, there must be pirates of some sort involved in your story.

No thank you!

  • Illustrations, prose, or poetry.

  • Finished or already started comics

  • Please keep the age restriction in mind so cursing needs to be kept to the bare minimum. (Consider the PG-13 rule of ‘everyone gets one’)

  • No gore, porn or explicit nudity, depictions of abuse - Again, referring to the age restriction.

  • No slurs, no racist statements nor imagery, no misogyny, no transphobia, no ableism, no xenophobia, and no white supremacist nonsense in general.


  • Selection Process: Sept 2021 - Nov 31, 2021

  • Creation Period: Dec 2021 - May 2022

  • Crowdfund: July 2022





Agreeing to participate means that you’re allowing WildStar Press to exclusively print these full stories for a full calendar year from the date of publication. After the full calendar year, the owner may do as they please with their own work. You’re also allowing WildStar Press non-exclusive digital and physical print rights in perpetuity. Ownership remains with the creators. 

Partnered Creators: $50/page, complementary physical and digital copy of the anthology, along with Kickstarter bonuses if applicable.

“Solo Creators”: $40/page, complementary physical and digital copy of the anthology, along with Kickstarter bonuses if applicable.

All contributors will be able to purchase additional copies of the anthology at 50% off of the cover price as long as the anthology is in print.

*Creators get paid half upfront and the other upon crowdfund success

Songs of the Sea: A Pirate Anthology