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Book Spotlight: Reflections

Updated: Jan 22

By Akira Brown

Welcome or Welcome back to the WildStar Press' blog! 2024 is here and chugging along with January almost over already, so we'd be remiss not to give you something to start the new year off. And what better way to do that than to celebrate the new book debuting February 1st, 2024:

Illustrated by Akira B.

Reflections (by Merissa Mayhew)

In this silent comic, Lin Hua, in a constant battle with her body insecurities and with it, realizes her reflection has suddenly vanished. In panic and confusion she finds herself in a mirror dimension searching for that reflection she's grown so accustomed to looking at. Will she be able to find her reflection and convince her to come back home?

48 Pages

Genre: Drama, Fantasy

Rating: All Ages

This story contains the struggles of body dysmorphia and learning to love yourself for who you are.

And a sneak peek at the first few pages below:

Pre-orders for the physical book will be go live February 1st - February 29th on the WildStar Press shop. Merissa and I can't wait to share this beautiful story of self discovery and love with you.


WildStar Press would not get far without all of your wonderful support. We're forever grateful that you've continued to stick with us for these past five years, but we're not done yet! In fact, this still feels like only the beginning so we hope you're as excited about all of these new endeavors as we are because we can't wait to share them with you!

For now, see you in the stars 🌟


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