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There comes a time in a pirate’s life when the sea calls out to them and they have to make a choice. Will they find treasures beyond their imagination? Dangers they’ve never faced? Love in unexpected places? The adventure ahead is what truly makes a pirate.


Songs of the Sea is an original comics anthology about pirates and what calls them to the throes of piracy.

Songs of the Sea will be a black-and-white comic anthology about what kickstarts a pirate’s adventure or simply what keeps them out at sea. For those with a love of piracy and adventure, of fantasy and mystery, Songs of the Sea is the right book for you!

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GOAL: 77/130 


Welcome to the Songs of the Sea Pre-order Campaign!

Due to some Kickstarter decisions that we don't support, WildStar Press decided to take matters into their own hands! 

For this project, our goal is to reach 130 pre-orders. The complete goal will cover the cost of advance payments for the artists, printing, and shipping! Any additional pre-orders will continue going into the book expenses.

This campaign is a little different from the usual crowdfunds, however! The money made from the campaign (goal met or not) WILL go into the backers receiving their reward. So, those that purchase the book will receive one at the end of the campaign.

PDF Copies will be sent upon purchase, Physical Copies will be sent after the campaign has ended. 

The campaign ends: July 9th, 2022

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Excerpt from Wake Cook


Excerpt from Adam Ma & Lore Vicente

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Stickers by: Zab Rodriguez
Available with Physical Copies!

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