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Submissions ARE CLOSED!

What We’re Looking For:

  • Creators must be 18 years or older to submit.

  • All Genres are welcome(*)

  • (*)Middle grade and older.

  • Please submit stories that have strong narratives with interesting
    and diverse characters.

  • We are looking for completed stories, no series at this time.

  • Flash Fiction, Short stories, Poetry Books.

    • 3k(ish) words or less (roughly 6 pages or less)

    • (Novellettes and Novellas will be open at a later time)

  What We’re Not Looking For: 

  • Submissions from creators younger than 18

  • Comics, illustrations, pin-ups, zines, photography, and music.

  • Monthly serials.

  • Fanwork.

  • No NFTS or AI work.

  • No slurs, no racist statements nor imagery, no misogyny, no transphobia, no ableism, no xenophobia, and any other hateful rhetoric.

  • Previously published work.

Pitch Submission Guide


​*Read the Rules!* 

Create a Pitch Packet PDF that includes: 

  • Title.

  • Creator Name & Short Bio

  • Preferred email.

  • Indicate what you're submitting (short story, novelette, novella, poetry book)

  • Proposed number of pages.

  • Production timeline with a rough estimate of completion date.

  • Audience Rating: (YA, Adult, Mature, Middle Grade, etc.).

  • Genre and theme(s).

  • Log-line: (Your  “elevator pitch”).

  • Story Synopsis/Chapter Summary.

  • First Three Chapters or First 50 Pages

Email all of these materials to:


Orion this is not your room, this is Eri's spot

Email Format:


  • Subject Line: [Your Name] - [Pitch Title]

  • Name.

  • Portfolio(s): Portfolios should include comic pages.
    — You can include links to other works if you desire.

  • Biography: Along with your pitch, WSPress requires info about you. 
    Introduce yourself, explain what you do/are known for with your work!

  • Add proper attachments: (Signed Submission Agreement & Pitch Packet).

You may submit more than one pitch but consider quality over quantity and keep each pitch in a separate email!

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