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Up and Coming: Book Debut and Open Submissions!

Updated: May 20, 2020

Plastic Crown by Kanon Daniel will debut June 2020. So, get ready for the launch! There will be a digital launch first and then, if everything goes smoothly (as smooth as it can with the pandemic going) the physical release won't be too far off.

Plastic Crown The story of a young and reluctant pageant queen who's trapped under her mother's thumb. She makes her first friend, despite her mother's rules, thus leading her to uncover dark secrets she may not be ready to face.

Speaking of books~

WildStar Press will open submissions to short story pitches (approx 12-40 pages) from May 10th to July 31st.

We hope to have 10 submissions accepted for publishing later in the year or the new year. So, mark your calendars and have your submissions ready to go!

The rules and how to submit will be posted May 10th. Submissions will be open to a wide variety of genres. We only accept ratings Everyone, Teen, Older Teen, and non-explicit New Adult. WildStar Press wants to keep not only diversity in the authors that we publish here, but also the stories that are told.


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