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Books and Big Dreams

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

By Akira Brown

WildStar Press / Submissions Close June 24th

Half-Past Pink (by Hannah Smith)

The color pink, androids, friendships, and fights! Half-Past Pink has it all for you here in this fun romp of an adventure! The preorder campaign for the physical copy has ended but the digital copy is available now! Update for those that preordered: The books are currently in print production!

I Took the Right Bus but, Somehow I Ended up in the Demon World! (by Kathleen Catwell)

Demons, deals, and time running out. I Took the Right Bus but, Somehow I Ended up in the Demon World! has it all and more just for you in this wild adventure!

Sneak Peek of the First Chapter: HERE

(Moved to a August/September date!)


June 16 - 18th WildStar Press will be tabling at Heroes Con in North Carolina! We'll be debuting Fates #1-4 (By: Far Traveler Comics)

Ramsa S. and Ruben M. of Far Traveler Comics are creating a 10 issue series called Fates. It's a wild tale about a man named Mike who has returned to the City of Moravan, where the paths of the "chosen" will soon cross. Some are tied by old contracts, others are pulled by the promise of retribution... but only one thing is certain: they must all fulfill their fate-given quest to prevent the spread of an abyssal evil.

This is a home for writers and artists.

A home for dreamers.

And the WildStar Universe is expanding just for you. Review Starlight is coming real soon.

For now, see you in the stars 🌟


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