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Back And Better Than Ever

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Plastic Crowns & Other Sneak Peaks

By Akira Brown

WildStar Press / Illustrated by Akira Brown / Edit by Caitlin Rogers

Missed the press? Well fret not because we're back and better than ever!

We've got books coming out in the first half of the year, we've got submissions coming up late spring, and we've got an anthology that will be name dropped innn let's say May or June (casual reminder that this place is run by one person).

But let's do this in order, if you want those other updates and announcements you've gotta keep coming back to the newsletters and blogs. So! Starting with the first new comic of 2023:

Plastic Crown issue 5! (by Kanon Daniel)

If you don't know, Plastic Crown is an 8 issue series about a young and reluctant pageant queen who’s trapped under her mother’s thumb. She makes her first friend despite her mother’s rules, thus leading her to uncover dark secrets she may not be ready to face. These dark secrets go beyond lies and manipulation. It gets much more... complicated. Fantastical even? Definitely dangerous.

And boy oh boy has there been some dark secrets that have been uncovered, especially in the latest issue #4. You'd agree if you've read it~

First and most important is the cover reveal:

And a sneak peek at some (only 3) of the inked pages~

You won't know until March when Plastic Crown #5 comes out! Be sure to catch up with the story so you can start creating your red string theories.


And some of you are here about pitching to WildStar Press and I appreciate that you want to be apart of this indie publisher I've created. It means a lot! With that being said, submissions will be opening the beginning of April and ending the first week of June. (Do not send any submissions before or after this! The status will be put on the submissions page!)

Take note:

  • Priority will go to Creators of Color & LGBTQ+ creators. It's one of the running themes of the press, right on the front page. This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.

  • There have been a lot of horror/thriller titles to be produced from WS Press so that genre won't be prioritized, for the sake of diversifying the books we get in.

  • Though the submission period will span over 2ish months, acceptance and rejection may fall in the beginning of June, depending on the volume of submissions. Please be patient! There's only one person going through these titles!

  • Read over the submissions carefully! If you don't provide everything requested your email may just be deleted.

  • Do not send any pitch submissions before it's been announced that submission requests are officially opened. Those will be deleted as well.

Can't wait to see what you guys bring!

There's more announcements to come so stay tuned and I hope you're as excited about all of the new endeavors as I am to share them with you!

For now, see you in the stars 🌟


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