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See More Stars With Us

WildStar Press | Illustrated By Caitlin Rogers


Although I have spoken to everyone before, allow me to properly introduce myself and explain what more is coming. Hey. I’m Caitlin Rogers; I’m an illustrator from Atlanta. The beginning of my career started with sequential arts and although I have strayed far, I still find my way back to it. I accidentally got here by asking a simple question (to Akira) and things have just continued from there. 

Since waddling here, I’ve steered WildStar Press with a bit more art and creative direction. There were ideas and dreams that the press had, and without proper guidelines, guidance, and man power, it just wasn’t quite getting there. Cue my entrance. Since early winter of 2023, I was able to talk and pitch a couple of ways to expand WildStar and those expansions are finally surfacing and finding their own place to live on the website. 

We’re so excited to show you the new three online publications that will form from now on and throughout. This is to go alongside comics, anthologies, and the third thing I can’t quite say yet. WildStar’s online publication expansion will truly help its mission in mind, to let unrepresented voices have a place to be published. Together, we all will defeat the evil that is the “catch twenty two”.



I hope these new online constellations help motivate you as a creative; help motivate you as a mentor; help motivate you to keep and maintain your voice; but most importantly reinspire you and the love for what you do. More is to come, and I can’t wait for you to see. 

As always, until another day. 


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