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WildStar Press | Illustrated by Caitlin Rogers

Sits down, slides the [ hot drink of your preference ] to you, then slaps my planner on the desk. 

Hey you. 

I find that sometimes in this super busy, always moving, “go go go”, rise and grind kind of environment; there is never really a moment to rest. There’s always something to do or something you are neglecting. People online seem to have their act together or that kid who also went to college with you never seems to post something even slightly off “aesthetic”. It’s just not everyone’s complete truth. I applaud those that add their mix of wins, and also post when they are tired or over any and all of it. It highlights the importance of posting the unpretty sometimes in our day to day. (Showcasing the reality.) And begs the question: When does everyone seem to have the time [ for all of that? ]? 

Let me know if this rings a bell; 

Working as many hours as your job requires and then somewhere after or before you cram in the extras. You know… Those friend phone calls, the trips to the gym, family catch ups, grocery shopping, furniture shopping, hell even that one kid has that chameleon that helps clean her apartment. (It’s her page’s gag. Morning routine with the bean.) But also don’t forget the quality ‘you’ time. So maybe an hour or two of video gaming here and there. Or that book you bought like three months ago and still haven’t taken it out of the bag. Maybe watching a movie. But it’s not satisfying or quality time with the [activity].

So then it gets pushed to the weekend. 

Well this weekend you have to catch up from last week’s laundry you pushed “to do later”. (Surprise bish. It’s later.) And let’s not forget mount dish-a-more, that could qualify as a roommate at this point. Rent is already high enough. Maybe sweep too. You clean and now it’s pretty much the next day of your weekend. This day can go one of two ways; All those hobbies you missed during the weekdays? Now you can have fun with them. (So long as no one calls, or needs you, all other obligations are taken care of; The partner, pet? Yes. For the next three hours at best. Because … Did you grocery shop yet? Oh… 

Or it can go the other way; it’s now Sunday and you are paralyzed from doing anything because tomorrow is Monday and it isn’t worth starting a new thing when you can’t seem to find enough time to set aside for said thing.

So it is next weekend’s thing to do. 

So now where is the time to create, write, draw? Or if you are an industry professional, time to craft personal work and not client work? Bills are due. This new emergency is on the horizon and you might as well wait for it to show its face. While I do empathize deeply with the sentiment, it isn’t a way to live; it is how you feed that anxiety & depression demons though. 

So far in my experimentation, the best way to rest is to intentionally make time for it. Grocery shopping on a weekday evening versus weekends. Adjusting your schedule (if able) to have more breaks within the day where you can take 20 minutes to wash those dishes you know are in the sink. Or hiring a cleaning service (if financially able. Otherwise, assemble the good friend avengers). 

Sometimes, taking days off specifically just to “catch up on the [other things]” instead of shoving it to the weekend gives me an ounce of sanity back. Even if that day is only filled with sweeping and mopping the floor or calling the list of doctors, friends, family, whoever. It’s one thing off the list and then I can lay down. (Guilt free too at that.) I do better with rest days and catch up days; they are not interchangeable or synopsis. That tiny clarity was needed for me apparently.

So when the weekend comes, I can for once be bored wondering what to do, resting with intention, or intentionally plan some fun. Otherwise it can be a week (over and over again) of just never having enough time and seeming like everyone else can manage time better. Some can; some have flexible scheduling for it; some are mentally able or financially able. 

While this isn’t going to be a place where I list out every microscopic way to [ rest in a way that suits you ], I hope that the door you entered from today allows you to at least speculate and then possibly plan it. Reality says there will always be a way to [ not try ]; and you would be right. But for once let’s dream and be delusional. Trying.

Anyway you, until another morning.



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