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Updated: Jun 29, 2023

A Western Anthology

You all have been patiently waiting so it's time to reveal the newest anthology coming to WildStar Press this July:

Title Design by Kerri S.

But what makes this anthology different from other Westerns?

Well, let me explain just what and who Coiled to Strike is about...

If you see a snake with the devil’s horns, you better pray you don’t meet their gaze.

A smart man will tell you it’s best not to cross an angry viper. A wise man will tell you that the ‘Viper with Devil Horns’ is named Emory Graves and is the most dangerous of them all. No one truly knows who or what, Emory Graves is, but much like a wildfire, rumors spread. Are they seeking revenge for family? A lost love? Maybe they really are the Devil’s Aid, sending the unfortunate to death’s door with the venomous bite of their bullet. Some even say they're a hero, many debate if they're even human, but maybe they're just a cowboy getting their kicks causing trouble? A few fine folks have come to WildStar Press (a saloon where stories are traded, if you will) to share some of those tales, truths?, rumors, and more about the mysterious Emory “The Viper” Graves. Did you have a story you wanted to share?

Character Design by Zab R.


That's right folks! This anthology will be centered around one character - it may or may not be through Emory's perspective, but it certainly is a tale told about them. Next month submissions will be opening for SOLO CREATORS and TEAMS. Partners will not be assigned. Start plotting and planning because the Project Page and more details will be open for viewing sooner than you think!

Can't wait to see the stories that unfold about our infamous cowboy.

For now, see you in the stars. 🌟


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