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Cover Reveals & Songs of the Sea

As always I (Akira B. - Head of WS Press) want to thank you for supporting Wild Star Press! I can't wait for you to see everything in store!

If you haven't seen it already, we have three titles coming up very soon and I'm excited to reveal the book covers for them!

Plastic Crown #4 - Kanon Daniel

Genre: Mystery

A story of a young and reluctant pageant queen who's trapped under her mother's thumb. She makes her first friend, despite her mother's rules, thus leading her to uncover dark secrets she may not be ready to face.

Debuts: July!

Little Bug - Jay Boyd w/ Coloring & Lettering assistance by Rebecca M.

Genre: Horror

About a little girl who moves to a new neighborhood with her dads, only to find solace in a stuffed bunny that had been abandoned in the house prior. However, her solace quickly becomes distress when she learns why the stuffed bunny was left behind.

Debuts: August!

I Took The Right Bus, But Somehow Ended Up In The Demon World! - Kathleen Catwell

Genre: YA Action Comedy with Manga Influences

Follows the main character, Iris, who instead of leaving for vacation from college, ends up in a precarious situation of having to fight her way out of the demon world to get back home.

Debuts: August!

Cover Reveals for the public will go out next week!


And of course! The big cover reminder for Songs of the Sea our Pirate Anthology!

This cover (sans the title) was created by Zabwis!

Note About WS Press' Crowdfunding in June:

As you may know, Kickstarter decided to support the use of NFTs and I don't support such a thing (for a myriad of reasons of how they've been harmful to the environment and detrimental to artists). SO with that being said, Songs of the Sea will be fully crowdfunded on the WildStar Press site! We, both myself and all of the contributors of SOTS, need your support so that this indie publisher can continue to thrive without a 'middle man' we have to go through.

That aside, support indie creators and publishers!

Spoiler: If we get past our goal, this book will get a NICE gold foil touch and you know that's something you want in your hands. Remember to support!

Here's 4 whole pages - a sneak peek inside the anthology!

With all that being said, thank you so much for reading, supporting, and watching WildStar Press grow. Our next blog will probably be Creator Spotlights for our new creators and their books! (I realize I said that in the last blog, but bare with me, you will get them lol.)

- Akira B.


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